Win32 System Programming Resources

There are numerous places to go for detailed information on system programming in Win32, some of which I've tried to list here (in no particular order).

Books - Core Win32

Books - COM & MTS

Books - Drivers, Internals, Debugging, Intel Architecture

Books - Security


Web Sites

  • Online Bookstore. Search for, read reviews on, and buy just about any book in print.

  • Online Bookstore. The cheapest place to by tech books, although the book you want may not be in stock.

  • System Internals. A great place to go for information, tools, and code dealing with Windows NT and Windows 9x internals.

  • DejaNews. A searchable web interface onto internet news group archives. Great for finding answers to frequently asked questions before posting to a newsgroup.

  • Win32 Homepage. Starting point for information on Win32 development.

  • COM Security FAQ Ex2. Keith Brown's COM security FAQ.

  • Windows CE Homepage. Starting point for information on Windows CE development.

  • COM Homepage. Starting point for information on COM/DCOM/MTS/COM+ development.

  • COM Developer. Good source of information on COM topics.
  • Newsgroups

  • Win32. Win32 forum.

  • Windows NT Kernel Mode Drivers. NT kernel driver forum.

  • Windows 9x VxDs. Win9x kernel driver forum.

  • MTS. Microsoft Transaction Server forum.
  • Mailing Lists

  • DCOM. A great forum for COM/DCOM/MTS questions & answers.

  • Microsoft Mailing List Homepage. Starting point for all of the Microsoft-sponsered mailing lists.

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